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Plenoil surpasses €509 million in revenue in the first half of the year and will expand its business to Portugal.

Plenoil supera los 509 millones de euros de facturación en el primer semestre del año y expandirá su negocio a Portugal
  • The network of automatic gas stations has signed 24 approved projects in the Portuguese country for the opening of service stations in regions such as Lisbon, Porto, Viseu, Guarda, Viana Do Castelo, Ovar, or Braga
  • After inaugurating 28 service stations in the first semester, the company reaches 184 gas stations and expects to close 2023 with 221 in Spain
  • The company expects to finish the year with a turnover of 1.2 billion euros

Madrid, July 12, 2023. Plenoil, a leading company in the automatic service station sector, has exceeded its sales forecast during the first semester of 2023 by achieving a turnover of over 509 million euros (excluding VAT), consolidating its position as a leader in the automatic gas stations sector. The company has sold a total of 427 million liters (more than 17.5 million transactions), representing an increase of 125 million liters compared to the results obtained in the first semester of 2022, when it reached 300 million liters sold. Following this upward trend, Plenoil expects to invoice around 1.2 billion euros in 2023 (excluding VAT) and estimates surpassing 1 billion liters sold.

In addition, the network of automatic gas stations will expand its business to Portugal in the coming months. Thus, in 2022, Plenoil signed 14 projects for the opening of service stations in the neighboring country, to which it adds 9 more in the first semester of 2023. As of today, there are 24 approved projects for Portugal, located in regions such as Lisbon, Porto, Viseu, Guarda, Viana Do Castelo, Ovar, or Braga. Regarding the forecast for openings, by the end of 2024, the company expects to have 6 gas stations, located specifically in A Guarda, Viana do Castelo, Pazos de Ferreira, Santa María de Afeira, Póvoa de Varzim, and Braga.

“Since our creation, our mission has always been to provide the energy demanded by vehicles at any given moment through safe, quality refueling and always at the best price. On average, Portuguese people can end up paying about 20 cents per liter more for gasoline than Spaniards. We want to facilitate their access to the energy they demand, but at a lower price. Therefore, we are confident that Portugal will welcome us very well and that it will be a strategic region for our growth,” says José Rodríguez de Arellano, CEO of Plenoil.

Solid Growth in Spain

Regarding its presence in Spanish territory, currently, Plenoil has 184 operational service stations – after having inaugurated 28 new service stations in the first semester of the year – and expects to open 37 more, reaching 221 operational ones by the end of 2023. For 2024, the company expects to reach 300 operational stations, always maintaining the most competitive prices in the market and positioning itself as a leader in the network of automatic gas stations by the number of openings made since 2021.

As a result of the expansion plan launched in the last year, Plenoil has opened service stations in regions such as Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Valencia, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, and the Basque Country. In this regard, Andalusia has been the autonomous community with the highest number of openings, with nine new fuel supply points.

Resource Optimization

Plenoil strongly advocates for the optimization of resources in all its facilities with the aim of reducing its impact on the sector as much as possible while transitioning to an increasingly environmentally friendly energy model. In fact, the company is a pioneer in its sector in the installation of photovoltaic panels throughout its network, in order to generate a self-consumption of 36% in 2023 and avoid the emission of more than 900 tons of CO2. Additionally, thanks to an agreement, the rest of the energy it consumes is produced from 100% renewable sources. It is also investing more than 6 million euros in the installation of electric vehicle charging points by the end of 2023, maintaining independence in setting the final selling price.

Recently, Plenoil has launched Transición Posible, which is a space for listening and dialogue in which it invites public administrations, business and productive sectors, and citizens to participate with the aim of identifying the handicaps that the energy transition may have against the current approach and jointly seek solutions to those challenges so that the decarbonization process is possible and does not leave anyone behind. “The importance of urgently progressing towards clean energy is unquestionable, but there are still questions regarding the trajectory and deadlines for reducing global carbon emissions. The transition can be possible, but we must overcome, together and without leaving anyone behind, the obstacles it currently poses, leading to a listening process that articulates the needs of all stakeholders,” explains José Rodríguez de Arellano.

The network of automatic gas stations is supplied by the country’s main oil operators, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product offered to consumers. All its service stations also have an accessible and simple refueling mechanism, as well as on-site assistance during daylight hours and 24-hour surveillance systems that guarantee the safety of all customers. The facilities are fully automated and use the most advanced technologies to guarantee customers maximum convenience when refueling.


About Plenoil

Plenoil is a leader in the new generation service station sector. With the opening of its first gas station in 2015, the company was born with the goal of making refueling safe, convenient, automated, high-quality, and affordable. To achieve this, the company offers its customers automated gas stations that provide fuels of the highest quality and comply with current environmental regulations.