Plenoil gasolineras

Gasoline or diesel car? What is the best option?

¿Coche de gasolina o gasoil? ¿Cuál es la mejor opción?

One of the determining factors when buying a car is fuel expenses, but is that the only thing to consider? If you’re in the process of buying a car, you’ve probably already made a list of pros and cons for gasoline and diesel cars. Today we help you decide and tell you what the advantages of each are. Gasoline or diesel car? What is the best option?

It all depends on how the vehicle will be used. Experts recommend that if a vehicle will travel more than 10,000 kilometers per year, the best option is diesel. On the other hand, if your trips do not exceed 10,000 kilometers per year, it is advisable to choose the gasoline option. Another variable to consider is the type of road that will be used, as a diesel car is recommended for reaching a higher speed steadily.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diesel car


  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Lower fuel price, which means savings.
  • Superior performance when speed is stable.


  • The purchase of this type of vehicle is more expensive.
  • Maintenance or repairs will incur higher costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline car


  • When buying a vehicle, this is the cheaper option.
  • There is the option of hybrid engines composed of an electric and a gasoline part.
  • Faster driving and reaction at the wheel.


  • The price of gasoline is higher than that of diesel.
  • More fuel consumption on long trips.