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Jose Delfín, a Plenoil attendant, returns a wallet with over 350 euros: “Not stealing shouldn’t be a merit.”

XXX, expendedor en Plenoil Albacete
“Not stealing shouldn’t be a merit,” emphasizes Delfín, attendant at Plenoil Albacete.

On May 4th, José Delfín, attendant at Plenoil Albacete, found a wallet in the supply unit during his working hours. Initially, Delfín thought it was a leaf on the track, so he approached to clean the area when he realized it was a wallet. He tried to identify the customer who had lost their wallet and immediately called his partner to take the wallet to the Civil Guard station.

Once the wallet was in the possession of the State security forces, they reported that there was more than 350 euros. The State security forces contacted the owner and managed to return it. The owner emphasized that it was “intact” and thanked for the kind gesture.

“It’s a shame that it’s news”

On his part, Delfín has pointed out that “not stealing shouldn’t be a merit.” He also laments that it is news, as everyone should have the same disposition as our colleague. The customer has already contacted Delfín thanking him for his kindness along with that of his partner. He also emphasized that the boy’s mother was saddened by the loss of the documents. Delfín values the importance of always attending to the customer in everything they need along with the concern for their safety. Our on-site staff is characterized by their disposition and kindness to the customer. We thank our colleague for his honesty and good work!