Plenoil gasolineras

Where does Plenoil’s fuel come from?

Infografía del funcionamiento de la llegada de petróleo a España

The fuel undergoes a long process until it reaches all the Spanish gas stations, but where exactly does Plenoil’s fuel come from? Our country does not have large oil wells, and its reserves are fixed at 113 days, so it is necessary to import from abroad to supply ourselves.

The majority of the fuel comes from countries like Nigeria, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Iraq. This long process begins with the extraction of oil from the oil wells of the main countries.

Next, the fuel is transported to its destination. In our case, it arrives at different locations in Spain where it is refined before being distributed through pipelines to Exolum, the main company for storage, transportation, and distribution of fuel, hydrocarbons, and petroleum products.

Once the fuel arrives at the company, it is verified to certify its quality and ensure that it is distributed without any problems. Additionally, Plenoil’s HQ300 and HQ400 additives are supplied at Exolum under the recommendation of industry experts, except in the Canary Islands where the additive is proprietary.

From Exolum, the fuel is transported to supply units in tankers. Once at the gas stations, it is necessary for the ground crew to be present for fuel unloading. Additionally, the team is available to customers for any questions or concerns.