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The myth of low-cost gasoline: what is the difference between fuels?

  • The variation and increase in fuel prices in 2022 caused many to question where to refuel.

Since the arrival of automatic gas stations in Spain, most people have associated them with low quality. This myth is directly linked to its low price, so 37.92% of Spaniards believe that this fuel is of poorer quality, according to the study of fuel consumption habits conducted by IO research. But what is the real difference between fuels? Chemical engineering experts have emphasized over the last year that the fuels maintain the same quality since all the fuels come from Exolum, Logística de Hidrocarburos, the company that markets the fuels in Spain.

They contain basically the same compounds and in the same proportions. It all comes out very, very much the same,” said a chemical engineer in the Ana Rosa’s Program. He also added that the difference lies in the additives at each gas station. In the case of Plenoil service units, these additives are recommended by experts and improve ignition, keep injectors clean and facilitate cold starting. As Plenoil CEO José Rodríguez de Arellano emphasizes, it is impossible to prove that some additives are better than others.

Price boom in 2022

The variation and rise in fuel prices last 2022 caused many to question where to refuel to cope with the consequences of the Ukrainian war. International quotations unleashed record highs throughout the year, which depleted the economy of many Spaniards and thus limited their freedom of movement. Over the last twenty years, fuel prices have gone through many ups and downs due to pandemics and the war in Ukraine, reaching a record price in week 26 of last year.

In view of this, automatic gas stations, such as Plenoil, have been established to offer citizens fuel at the best price without losing quality , thus ensuring that freedom of movement is guaranteed. The elimination of unnecessary costs allows Plenoil to offer the best prices in the market.