Plenoil gasolineras


¿Cómo Plenoil borra su huella de carbono?

How does Plenoil erase its carbon footprint?

Mobility is essential for the proper functioning of both society and the Spanish productive fabric, but what is the role of companies in this transition to a more sustainable model? How does Plenoil erase its carbon footprint? From Plenoil, as

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¿Cómo puedes llevar a tu mascota en el coche?

How can you take your pet in the car?

The number of animals in Spain has surged to reach 9 million in 2021, as confirmed by the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (Anfaac). This has led to more and more Spaniards traveling with their pets during the summer,

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¿Cómo funciona la app de Plenoil?

How does the Plenoil app work?

The development of the Plenoil app has made refueling easy, convenient, and safe for many customers. The app has evolved and added new features for users, but how does the Plenoil app work? When logging in, the user will find

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Aumento de la compra de petróleo en España

Increase in the purchase of oil in Spain.

This July, there has been a 4.3% increase in the purchase of oil in Spain compared to the same month in the previous year of 2022, resulting in 3.6 million liters originating from the Spanish hydrocarbon center. Gasoline purchases increased

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