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5 points to check on your car after the holidays.

5 puntos a revisar en tu coche tras las vacaciones

Summer trips, kilometers to the beach, or weekend getaways make summer one of the seasons when the car is used the most. This leads to tire wear, fluid depletion, and even brake wear. Therefore, it is important to carry out a car inspection after the holidays and have it ready for the return to routine. Below, from Plenoil, we emphasize 5 points to check on your car after the holidays, recommended by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT).


The high summer temperatures can lead to tire wear and deterioration. It is advisable to have 2 millimeters in the main grooves, although the legal minimum is 1.6 millimeters. Additionally, it is convenient to have the tire air pressure checked along with the inspection for defects, as the vehicle loses performance beyond 3 millimeters of depth.

Windshield Wipers

Cleaning the windshield wiper blades is essential for proper functioning as the autumn rains return. Having good visibility is essential for optimal safety during circulation. Having windshield washer fluid in the reservoir can also help the wipers do their job.


Long journeys entail brake wear that can be dangerous for the driver.

“In the presence of any symptoms while driving – noises when braking, prolonged braking, deviations in the vehicle’s trajectory, a pedal travel that is too long, or a pedal feel that is too hard or soft -, request a complete brake system inspection at your workshop,” state from the DGT.

Cooling System

Checking the oil level and coolant level is very important to prevent engine breakdown that can lead to a major breakdown. To check proper functioning, you only need to see if the car fan operates while the engine is running.

Liquid Levels

With vehicle use, liquid levels may decrease, so it is recommended to check the condition and level of brake fluid, lubricant, and windshield washer fluid.