Plenoil gasolineras

Get to know the motorcycle gatherings for this October.

Conoce las concentraciones moteras de esta semana

With the arrival of autumn, beach plans end and mountain routes begin. This October is full of biker gatherings for those who love spending their weekends riding motorcycles. They are spread throughout Spain from the south of Almería to the north of Asturias.

  • Biker Gathering “Pollos Salvajes” in Mojácar, Almería.
    • Date: October 6th to 10th.
  • National Gathering in Ventas de Baños, Palencia.
    • Date: October 6th to 10th.
  • Biker Gathering “A Escape Libre” in Benalup, Cádiz.
    • Date: October 13th to 14th.
  • Biker Gathering “Los Trotamundos de Elche” in Alicante.
    • Date: October 20th to 22nd.
  • Ibiza Rider Day, Balearic Islands.
    • Date: October 28th.
  • Fall Biker Gathering “Rey Pelayo” in Asturias.
    • Date: October 27th to 29th.

In our interactive map, you can find the location of all our gas stations so you can reach your destination and enjoy the entire weekend.

Routes across Europe

If, on the other hand, you want to take a trip across Europe, these routes with wonderful landscapes will not disappoint you.

  • Route through Trollstigen, Norway.

Considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world, it offers an impressive rural landscape of Norway. You should be aware that this road is closed due to snowfall in the winter months, so it is advisable to check if it is open. It has nine curves to face the great unevenness of its 858-meter mountains and is part of road 63.

  • Route through Cat and Fidle Run, United Kingdom.

This route connects the towns of Buxton, Derbyshire, to Macckesfiel, Cheshire. It features great routes and changes in elevation, making it classified as one of the most dangerous to undertake in the entire United Kingdom.