Plenoil gasolineras

How does Plenoil erase its carbon footprint?

¿Cómo Plenoil borra su huella de carbono?

Mobility is essential for the proper functioning of both society and the Spanish productive fabric, but what is the role of companies in this transition to a more sustainable model? How does Plenoil erase its carbon footprint? From Plenoil, as a necessary actor for the energy transition, the Possible Transition project has been launched.

Along with a group of experts, the aim is to analyze the obstacles that currently prevent progress towards this energy transition and propose solutions to make a possible change towards total decarbonization. Thus, a listening process has been initiated with all the actors involved in the energy transition to understand the possible difficulties encountered on the path to decarbonization and seek joint solutions. For the latter, the project has the sociologist and expert in ecological transition, Cristina Monge, who is leading an independent report that will be presented at the end of 2023 to address these current challenges and possible solutions.

The listening process to the involved groups will be gradual and open to receiving contributions from anyone, institution, or organization that thinks they can contribute to this reflection. As a first step, the Study on Energy Transition aimed at the general population has been conducted.

You can download the main conclusions of the survey below.

Concrete Actions

The facilitating capacity of Plenoil is summarized in five points:

  • Accessibility thanks to its business model to offer the best price.
  • Predictability ensuring its supply and cost.
  • Accompaniment in the sector’s transformation.
  • Energetic transition by adapting its service and incorporating new energies.
  • Social and territorial backbone that is essential in the short and medium term.

On the other hand, they have already carried out several actions to help mitigate climate change. They are pioneers in the installation of photovoltaic panels throughout their network of gas stations with the aim of achieving a self-consumption of 36% by 2023 and avoiding the emission of more than 900 tons of CO2.

In addition, thanks to an agreement, the rest of the energy consumed is produced with 100% renewable sources and 8 million euros have been invested in the installation of charging points while maintaining independence in setting the final sale price.