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Plenoil will be the first company in the sector in Spain to supply 100% of its gas stations with solar energy.

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  • The company will be the first in the sector to install photovoltaic panels throughout its network of gas stations.

  • Therefore, Plenoil will produce a total of 2,400 MWh per year, covering 36% of its consumption and avoiding the emission of more than 900 tons of CO2, which would be equivalent to planting more than 1,200 trees per year.

  • In addition, the company is directly investing in the installation of electric vehicle chargers at more than 120 service stations by the end of 2023, maintaining independence in setting the final consumer sales price, as it will not depend on other suppliers.

Plenoil, a leading company in the automatic service station sector, in its commitment to reduce the impact of its activity through resource optimization, will install photovoltaic panels on more than 16,000 square meters of its gas stations with the aim of having its entire network powered by solar energy by 2023. This commitment, which will take effect on April 30, makes Plenoil the first company in the sector to supply 100% of its service stations with renewable energy. With this initiative, Plenoil will produce 2,400 MWh per year, covering 36% of its consumption and avoiding the emission of more than 900 tons of CO2, which would be equivalent to planting more than 1,200 trees.

Furthermore, the installation of photovoltaic panels is not only considered in the company’s already operational gas stations, but also in new openings, being part of Plenoil’s growth plan. On the other hand, the company has reached an agreement for the remaining energy supplied to be through energy produced from renewable sources. Therefore, 100% of its consumption will be through energy that does not contribute to increasing the carbon footprint. This course of action aligns with the company’s ethical values, as it is working intensively on its accelerated process of reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Electric chargers at more than 120 gas stations by the end of 2023.

In response to the entry into force of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law and its firm commitment to providing the energy demanded by vehicles at the best price, Plenoil will invest more than six million euros over the next two years in installing electric charging points at over 120 gas stations. In this regard, the company ensures that it will be entirely independent when setting the price of the product, as it will not depend on other suppliers to provide this service.

“We are proud to be the first company in the sector to supply 100% of our portfolio with renewable energy, achieving, at least this year, a self-consumption rate of 36%. At Plenoil, we continually strive to meet the needs of both the market and society, responsibly providing the energy demanded at any given moment at the best price as we move towards an increasingly sustainable energy model.” José Rodríguez de Arellano, CEO of Plenoil, asserts.


Leader in the sector of automatic gas stations.

Plenoil, recognized by the OCU as the cheapest gas station chain with the largest presence throughout the national territory, achieved a turnover of 970 million euros in the fiscal year of 2022, which represents a total of more than 692 million liters of fuel sold and over 30 million transactions recorded across its network. The company expects to surpass 1,000 million liters in 2023, which would result in a turnover of over 1,200 million euros (excluding VAT) in the current price context. All Plenoil service stations feature an intuitive and simple refueling mechanism, as well as on-site assistance and 24-hour surveillance systems ensuring the safety of all customers. The facilities are fully automated and apply the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum convenience for customers during refueling. The company’s gas stations are primarily concentrated in the Community of Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Valencian Community, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre, Catalonia, Extremadura, Canary Islands, Basque Country, and the Region of Murcia.


About Plenoil

Plenoil is a leader in the new generation service station sector. With the opening of its first gas station in 2015, the company was born with the goal of making refueling safe, convenient, automated, high-quality, and affordable. To achieve this, the company offers its customers automated gas stations that provide fuels of the highest quality and comply with current environmental regulations.