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5 tips to save fuel while driving.

Saving fuel while driving is a contradiction in itself, but it is indeed possible to avoid wasting fuel through driving habits. “Between 30 and 50% of fuel expenditure depends on the owner’s driving style,” as stated by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). Pay attention because we bring you 5 tips to save fuel while driving.

Use Long Gears

It is recommended, whenever possible, to use long gears so that the engine is more relaxed and consumes the minimum. Thus, before reaching 50 kilometers/hour, the fourth or fifth gear should be engaged. Additionally, according to the DGT, in traffic jams, it is advisable to stop the engine to avoid unnecessary consumption and drive at a “moderate and constant speed” to avoid the need for sudden braking and consuming more fuel.

Constant Speed

The best driving is characterized by being constant and “without ups and downs.” When coming to a stop, it is recommended to accelerate “progressively and change gears to take advantage of the engine’s best performance.” If a sudden start is made, the car will go faster but consume three times more. Modern cars do not have to be “utilitarian” to consume less; technologies implemented in vehicles allow for lower consumption.

Air Conditioning

The use of air conditioning involves between 10 and 20% more, so it is recommended to use it when necessary and always with the windows down on the highway.


To transport luggage, it is advisable to use a roof box. If the items are placed haphazardly on the car’s roof rack, it will hinder the car’s aerodynamics and may be dangerous for other drivers.

Drive on “Flat Terrain”

For a car to consume less, it is necessary to drive on “flat terrain” as the car avoids an effort that would translate into fuel consumption. On the other hand, a car will consume less when traveling between 70 and 90 kilometers/hour.