Plenoil gasolineras

Plenoil opens 6 new supply units in Spain.

This November, the leading company in automatic supply units has reached 212 gas stations around Spain.

Canarias already has a total of 7 supply units, adding this month the gas stations of Santa María de Guía and Santa Cruz de La Palma. Additionally, this month has also seen the opening of Santoña, the second station in Cantabria; Málaga, the first supply unit in the capital of Malaga, and Chiclana de la Frontera, the second gas station in the municipality.

Ciudad Real has also added a new supply unit this month located in the capital. Likewise, in the capital of Toledo, another station has been opened located on Calle Río Jarama, 58. With these openings, there are a total of 15 throughout the Castilla-La Mancha region, two in the province of Ciudad Real, and two others in Toledo.

The company is making a final sprint to reach its goal of 226 in 2023, reaching new areas and cities to provide the best market price throughout Spain. Also, it is working to open its first gas station in Portugal, where it already has six projects in important municipalities of the Portuguese country.

The increase in fuel prices resulting from the Ukraine war and the current socio-economic situation make citizens focus on getting the best market price, the main reason they turn to Plenoil supply units.

According to the study “Hábitos de consumo de combustible en España”, 61.04% of drivers in Spain usually refuel at low-cost gas stations; of these, half (30.30%) have started doing so recently in order to achieve the lowest possible price.


Get to know Plenoil.

Plenoil is a leader in the new generation service station sector. With the opening in 2015 of its first gas station, the company was born with the aim of making fueling safe, convenient, automated, high-quality, and at the best price. To achieve this, the company offers its customers automated gas stations that provide fuels of the highest quality and comply with current environmental regulations.

Plenoil is supplied by the country’s main oil operators, ensuring the highest quality of the product they offer to consumers. All of its service stations also feature an intuitive and simple refueling mechanism, as well as on-site assistance during daylight hours and 24-hour surveillance systems to ensure the safety of all consumers. The facilities are fully automated and use the most advanced technologies to guarantee customers maximum convenience when refueling.

Plenoil’s application, which currently has more than 120,000 registered users, allows users to view all invoices and download them, take a quick look at consumption (by month or by license plate), and consult the list of all Plenoil stations and their updated price, among other features.