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5 motorcycle routes to enjoy this long weekend in Madrid.

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5 motorcycle routes to enjoy this long weekend in Madrid.

Every year on May 15th, Madrid celebrates its city patron, San Isidro. This long weekend can be the perfect time to disconnect from the city and explore the Madrid mountain range. Spain has more than 3 million motorcycles throughout its geography, according to the report by ANESDOR and Estamos Seguros. That’s why today we bring you 5 motorcycle routes to enjoy this long weekend in Madrid.

Route through the Sierra de Guadarrama

In this route, you can enjoy the Madrid mountain range of Guadarrama with a total of 250 kilometers on wheels. The route starts in the municipality of Galapagar and goes all the way to Rascafría. There are different routes to reach the destination, but in this post, we provide you with a list of municipalities where you can ride, enjoy the scenery, and refuel at Plenoil if needed.

  • Peguerinos.
  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
  • Guadarrama.
  • Cercedilla.
  • Puerto de Navafría.
  • Rascafría.

Additionally, in these Madrid municipalities, you can enjoy the Guadarrama National Park, the El Escorial Monastery, or typical towns like Cercedilla.

Route through Navafría

Just like in the previous route, you can choose different roads, but here are some municipalities that are part of the Madrid charm where you can rest and enjoy nature. This route starts in Guadalix de la Sierra and covers a total of 200 kilometers, so you’ll be on the road for 3 to 4 hours.

  • Guadalix de la Sierra
  • Miraflores de la Sierra
  • Lozoya
  • Puerto de Navafría
  • Navafría
  • Granja de San Ildefonso
  • Puerto de Navacerrada

If your goal is to relax while enjoying your day on the motorcycle, we recommend passing through Pedraza, Sepúlveda, and Hoces del Duratón. These three towns have some of the most impressive landscapes in the Madrid mountain range.


Route through the Sierra de Gredos

With this route, you’ll cover over 200 kilometers and enjoy the scenery for four and a half hours. The start is located in the well-known municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where you can visit its famous monastery and refuel to start your route.

  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  • Puerto de la Cruz Verde
  • Navaluenga
  • Serranillos
  • Mijares
  • Cuevas del Valle

You can visit some points like the viewpoint of Puerto de la Cruz Verde, the Burguillo reservoir, or Felipe II’s Chair.


Route through the Northern Sierra

This route covers a total of 165 kilometers and starts in the capital. From there, you’ll have to drive through the M-607 until you reach Miraflores de la Sierra, where you’ll enter the Madrid towns.

  • Puerto de La Morcuera
  • Siete Revueltas
  • Valle del Vasaín
  • Riofrío
  • San Rafael

On the way, you can stop to rest in Navacerrada, a mountain known and visited by locals in winter, and even in the Valle de Valsaín.


Route through Navacerrada

Finally, one of the most visited mountain ranges in winter in the capital. This route covers a total of 185 kilometers and starts in Guadarrama, where you can refuel to start your route. Also, keep in mind that in this route, you will end up at the same starting point, Navacerrada.

  • Navacerrada
  • Cercedilla
  • Mirador Abantos
  • El Hoyo de Pinares
  • Navas de Riodrío
  • Puerto de Navacerrada
  • Navacerrada.

On your journey, you can visit the Puerto de La Lancha, the Iron Cross, and the Puerto de Navacerrada.