Plenoil gasolineras

Plenoil reaches the 184 gas stations opened in June

Plenoil alcanza las 185 gasolineras abiertas en junio

This week, the leading company in automatic supply units, Plenoil, has reached the 184 gas stations opened in June around Spain.”

The Valencian Community already has 41 stations and has been well received by the residents of the municipality of Quart de Poblet. Just like in Valencia, the same happens in Alicante, where Plenoil has opened its third supply unit. In this month of June, they have also arrived in Lucena, Córdoba; Laguna de Duero, Valladolid; Pizarra, Málaga y Mijas Costa, Málaga

The increase in fuel prices resulting from the war in Ukraine and the current socio-economic situation make citizens focus on obtaining the best price in the market,the main reason why they turn to Plenoil Plenoil supply units.

According to the study “Fuel consumption habits in Spain,” 61.04% of drivers in Spain usually refuel at low-cost gas stations; of these, half (30.30%) have recently started doing so in order to assume the lowest possible price.


Get to know Plenoil.

Plenoil is a leader in the new generation service station sector. With the opening of its first gas station in 2015, the company was founded with the aim of making fueling safe, comfortable, automated, high-quality, and at the best price.. To achieve this, the company offers its customers automated gas stations that provide fuels of the highest quality and comply with current environmental regulations.

Plenoil is supplied by the country’s main oil operators, ensuring the highest quality of the product they offer to consumers. All of its service stations also feature an intuitive and simple refueling mechanism, as well as on-site assistance during daylight hours and 24-hour surveillance systems to ensure the safety of all consumers. The facilities are fully automated and utilize the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum convenience for customers during refueling.

The Plenoil app, which currently has over 120,000 registered users, allows users to view and download all invoices, quickly check consumption (by month or license plate), and access the list of all Plenoil stations and their updated prices, among other features.