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Is Spain one of the countries that consumes the most fuel?

In recent years, fuel consumption has experienced a growing trend, with the exception of 2020, registering a 1.3% increase in global sales, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Europe, on the other hand, has recorded an even higher growth corresponding to 2.9%. But, why is this increase happening? Is Spain one of the countries that consumes the most fuel?

This increase is reflected mainly in the major world economies: the United States and China.

The size of both countries and their highly developed economies make them lead the list with the use of 19,140 barrels per day and 14,295 barrels, respectively.


Is Spain one of the countries that consumes the most fuel?

Despite the size of the main global superpowers, European countries are not far behind. Germany leads the list with 2,075 barrels per day; followed by France with 1.420 barrels, the United Kingdom in the third position with 1,317 liters; Spain is in fourth place with the use of 1,268 barrels and Italy registers a total of 1,222. Globally, our country ranks 18th and the four countries account for more than 55% of EU sales.

The return to reality after COVID-19, the increase in cars in recent years, and the dependence on oil are the three main reasons why oil continues to be a necessary commodity for much of the world.


Fuel Stations in Europe

Currently, Europe has one of the largest car fleets in the world with over 338.09 million vehicles, according to the latest data published in 2021 by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA): Specifically, in Spain, there are 33.3 million vehicles, most of which are gasoline and diesel-powered. This large fleet still directly depends on fossil fuels, so the gas station sector has grown in recent years due to refueling needs.

Italy tops this list in Europe with a total of 21,700 supply units, followed by Germany, Turkey, and Spain in fourth place. By the end of 2021, there were a total of 11,236 service stations in Spanish territory, according to data from the Annual Report of the Petroleum Operators Association (AOP).