Plenoil gasolineras

An envelope with 300€ is returned to its owner thanks to our vending machines in Elche II.

Many of us, if we had found ourselves in this situation, would have thought about what we would spend that money on and perhaps, our last option would be to return it.

This was not the case for this good man, who left the envelope at the station and passed it on to our vending machines.

But there was nothing to worry about, as the money was safe. They called their manager, who in turn called the police, who did the rest of the work.

Thanks to the combined efforts of all these people, their honesty and generosity, the envelope was returned to its owner completely intact.

Similar situations can happen to anyone, but only some of them put the good above the harm. People like the man who found the money and our vending machines Julia and Yolanda have ensured that this story has a fortunate ending.

From Plenoil thank all the participants of this event, especially Julia and Yolanda, for this generous and honorable gesture.

We have an exceptional and admirable team, proud of you!